OneLogin® Free Plan EOL

OneLogin Free Plan Has Been Terminated

All things must end, as they say, and the OneLogin® Free Plan is no different. The web application single sign-on competitor has recently put their complimentary service into end of life (EOL), forcing all non-paying customer to either subscribe to one of their paid options, or seek out a OneLogin alternative. Here’s what to consider, now that you’re faced with the OneLogin Free Plan EOL.

Changing Prices and End of Life

identity management done for less moneyOneLogin is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) vendor that delivers web application single sign-on (SSO) solutions to the identity management space. Generally, the product is leveraged alongside a directory service, such as Microsoft® Active Directory®, which acts as the source of truth for the identities it uses. Currently, OneLogin is vying for the top of the SSO market, trailing behind their competitor, Okta, which currently leads the web app SSO pack.

As both companies race, both OneLogin and Okta have increased their prices, reaching over $20 per user for some packages. Since OneLogin putting their Free Plan into EOL, finding an affordable SSO/identity management solution is becoming a chore for IT admins. What’s more, the price of an SSO solution goes hand in hand with an Active Directory CAL, which is often required to properly use an SSO for full identity management and is similarly priced per user.

Finding an New OneLogin Free Plan

When considering an alternative to OneLogin’s Free Plan, there are a couple factors that need to be evaluated. The first of these is what your identity management budget looks like. While Okta may be a solid choice, at $20/user, the choice may turn into a bank breaker for your organization. Another factor admins have to determine is whether their organization needs solely a web application SSO tool, or if you are requiring a complete identity management overhaul.

Regardless of your choice, look to the JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service® platform as an alternative to the web application SSO solution, OneLogin. JumpCloud offers 10 free users without any product limitations. Once an organization exceeds the ten free users, they can then pay per (Read more...)

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