Multi-Tenant Mac® Management

Is there a multi-tenant Mac
® management solution for MSPs (managed service providers)? As more Macs enter the workplace, the demand among MSPs for such a solution grows. Since no two client organizations are exactly the same, it would be beneficial for MSPs to have an identity management solution that can manage all of their clients listed together on one screen. An ideal option would also do so no matter the clients’ choice of system, platform, or provider.

The Nature of Modern MSPs

MSPs are being called on to manage a more diverse set of IT resources than ever before. With more innovative IT solutions being introduced every day, the homogenous Microsoft®</sup Windows®</sup infrastructure is largely a thing of the past. Due to this, Windows-based identity management solutions, namely Active Directory®</sup (AD), have fallen out of favor in light of solutions that can manage more than just Windows resources.

Clients are asking MSPs to manage and secure networks made up of on-prem endpoints, WiFi, cloud infrastructure, web applications, and remote employees. All of these disparate options are putting a great deal of pressure on the ability of MSPs to efficiently manage their clients. This consternation is even more prevalent for organizations leveraging legacy on-prem identity management such as AD or OpenLDAP™, as they are limited by their position on-prem.

MSPs and Mac Management from the Cloud

These arising issues regarding cloud identity management are especially true for MSPs seeking to manage Mac systems and their users for clients. Traditionally, Macs have required separate software from mainstream solutions, such as Microsoft Active Directory and SCCM. Most popular among these was Apple®</sup’s own Open Directory solution. Other options include using Active Directory add-ons designed specifically for Mac management, often called directory extensions or identity bridges. Regardless, either choice of solution cannot deliver the capability of a full-fledged directory service. Also, to the chagrin of MSPs seeking to adopt the cloud, both options further cement client organizations on-prem.

complete mac user managementLuckily, a next generation user and system management platform is helping MSPs manage their clients from one, web-based multi-tenant (Read more...)

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