Manage both O365™ & G Suite™

How to manage both O365 and G Suite Identities with JumpCloudIs it possible to manage both Office 365™ (O365) and G Suite™ from a single platform? Ultimately, that depends on what exactly you’re trying to manage. For the most part, the answer is no, you will need to leverage the O365 and G Suite™ specific management consoles created by Microsoft® and Google™, respectively. But, there is one area of Office 365 and G Suite management that can be done centrally, across both platforms. That area of management is user access.

Individual User Management Platforms

Individual user management platformsBoth Microsoft and Google have built their own user management platforms for each productivity platform. The challenge is that IT admins who leverage both platforms are hard pressed to be able to manage user access with a single set of credentials. They could use the legacy, on-prem identity provider (IdP) Microsoft® Active Directory® (MAD or AD). The problem with this solution is that for organizations looking for an all-cloud solution, they’ll still be cuffed to an on-prem Active Directory implementation. Second, by choosing this route, you’ll have to deal with more integration points and servers—and all the maintenance that comes along with it.

What IT Admins Want

Utilizing a single set of credentials for user managementUtilizing a single set of credentials for both services is a very compelling idea, but let’s ratchet that thought up even further. IT admins ultimately want to be able to utilize a single identity to enable access to just about anything a user may need. That includes systems (Windows®, Mac®, and Linux®), on-prem and web applications (Jira®, Slack), files on-prem and in the cloud (Box™, NAS/Samba file servers), and networks protected by RADIUS. But, given the disparity of all these sources, what identity provider from the cloud can connect users to all these resources?

Identity Management Reality

Unfortunately, without a third-party cloud identity management platform, O365 and G Suite identities are pretty much good for only their respective platforms and select web applications. While Microsoft did surprise everyone and allow domains to log into the Azure platform, that capability is extremely limited in that not everybody (Read more...)

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