Kubernetes: Master Post

I have a few Kubernetes posts queued up and will make this the master post to index and give references for the topic. If i’m missing blog posts or useful resources ping me here or twitter.

Talks you should watch if you are interested in Kubernetes:

Hacking and Hardening Kubernetes Clusters by Example [I] – Brad Geesaman [demos for the talk above]

Perfect Storm Taking the Helm of Kubernetes Ian Coldwater

A Hacker’s Guide to Kubernetes and the Cloud – Rory McCune
Shipping in Pirate-Infested Waters: Practical Attack and Defense in Kubernetes

Blog Posts by others:

Auditing tools

CG Posts:

Open Etcd:
Etcd with kube-hunter:

Kubernetes dashboards
Kublet 10255
Kublet 10250
     – Container Logs
     – Getting shellz

Cloud Metadata Urls and Kubernetes

-I’ll update as they get posted

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