Cloud Endpoint Management for MSPs

Cloud Endpoint Management for MSPsManaged service providers (MSPs) have a lot of responsibility. Most of them are completely responsible for their clients’ networks, and that means that they need to cover a wide range of IT resources. One of the most critical resources that MSPs are responsible for are endpoints. The modern office is increasingly heterogeneous, with all major platforms represented across many organizations. With the requirement to manage Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® machines, is there cloud endpoint management for MSP worth considering?

The Endpoint is Not Dead

endpoint management for MSPsDespite the theory of analysts that desktops and laptops are going away, it’s practically impossible to do business without a proper computer. MSPs know that their clients are running their businesses with these endpoints. So, if they want to serve their clients well, MSPs need an endpoint management solution that works well.

The concept of endpoint management can be all over the place. Some organizations consider endpoint management to simply be anti-virus (AV) and anti-malware technology. Others believe that endpoint management encompasses intrusion detection software or configuration management solutions. Others still think of it solely as user and system management.

Defining Endpoint Management

What is endpoint management?Whatever your definition, it is critical to handle all of these areas for endpoint management. The number one threat vector in any organization is compromised identities, so ensuring that you have tight user management over macOS®, Linux, and Windows systems is critical. Locking down systems with strong passwords; policies such as screen saver lock and full disk encryption; and multi-factor authentication are critical. And, of course, the standard tasks of ensuring that AV is installed and functional and the firewall is working properly are all important tasks.

For MSPs, many of these tasks can be challenging if there aren’t great solutions available to solve the problems. Ideally, an endpoint management solution for MSPs would be delivered from the cloud and be multi-tenant, so that the MSP can manage all of their accounts from one pane of glass. For most MSPs, finding the system management side of the equation is possible, but sometimes difficult to (Read more...)

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