What’s It Like to be a High-End Red Team Member? — CyberSpeak Podcast

On this episode of the CyberSpeak with InfoSec Institute podcast, David “Moose” Wolpoff, co-founder and CTO of Randori, a nation-state caliber attack platform, talks about a day in the life of a high-end Red Team Operations professional.

In the podcast, Wertkin and host Chris Sienko discuss:

  • How did you get started in computers and security? (1:05)
  • How did you get interested in more high-intensity forms of security like red teaming? (1:55)
  • What is a red team and how is it different from similar roles? (3:00)
  • What makes a good member of a Red Team? (5:15)
  • Is there a deadline for your attacks? (6:50)
  • What qualifications or experiences do you need to be qualified as a Red Team member? (8:15)
  • How does a Red Team actually work? (8:55)
  • Are there any common Red Team methodologies? (11:00)
  • Tell us about the physical aspects of Red Teaming? (12:25)
  • What types of companies employ Red Teams? (13:45)
  • Is it typically expected that a Red Team will get past the company’s defenses? (14:55)
  • Is it possible to go too far with Red Teaming? (16:00)
  • How do your report your findings to the company? (17:40)
  • Why has Red Teaming received such a boost of interest lately? (19:10)
  • Tell us about the Randori platform and how it works. (20:55)
  • What’s the future of Red Teaming? (22:05)

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