Want Your R&D Team to Rock? 7 Tips to Help Your Developers Perform Like a Supergroup

We all know that good software developers are hard to find. Once you’ve assembled a group of strong talent, you begin the process of turning this set of misfits into a lean, mean, coding machine.

A group of individual software development ninjas is great, but if you want to keep your processes sharp, you need to find a way to turn those individuals into a team that can perform well together, producing and supporting the best software products that your customers hope for, right on time.

Help Your Software Development Team Make Beautiful Music Together

Albert Einstein once said that “The greatest scientists are artists as well.” Taking a step back, we can see how great developers can be compared to other kinds of artists who join together to bring their visions to life.

Talented musicians, in particular, share many of the traits that we look for in good coders. Good musicians are detail oriented and notorious perfectionists to a fault. They’re at their best when they’re analytical, logical, and methodical. Sound familiar? That’s probably because those are the same traits that our best developers have. As Alex Jacobs said in his Medium blog post, “Ultimately, a software package can be compared to a musical composition.”

Developers have said that making music and creating software are similar endeavors in that they require both collaboration and independent work. So how do you make sure that your creative and independent programmers work together to create the best collaborative products while making sure each one’s magic touch still shines bright?

If programmers are like musicians, one way to make sure that they give their best performance is by following the same principles that let a rock band fill a stadium.

#1 Independence: A Good Band is a Self Sufficient Band

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