MSP Perspective: JumpCloud or Jamf?

JumpCloud or Jamf for MSPsAs end users start to leverage a wide range of platforms—Mac®, Windows®, and Linux®—MSPs are looking for the best ways to manage those platforms and the users on them. User and system management for Apple platforms in particular is a critical area for MSPs to explore, and while Jamf focuses solely on Apple platforms, JumpCloud provides Windows and Linux support as well. In order to evolve their product stack and best practices to meet the changing IT landscape, from an MSP perspective: JumpCloud or Jamf, which is the better solution?

Redefining Device Management

Redefining device management with JumpCloudDepending upon the needs of the MSP and their clients, Jamf may not necessarily be in direct competition with JumpCloud. Instead of deciding between JumpCloud or Jamf, the optimal solution may actually be JumpCloud and Jamf working together in your product stack. Furthermore, in order for MSPs to decide which tools are most helpful, it is important to describe what each does functionally.

Jamf has been around for a long time and was recently acquired by a private equity firm. Jamf is an on-prem Apple iOS and macOS® focused device management tool. MSPs and IT admins have been leveraging Jamf for a number of years to handle day-to-day management tasks for their Apple fleet of devices.

JumpCloud, however, is known as a cloud directory service. JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service® platform securely manages and connects users to their IT resources, including systems, applications, files, and networks—regardless of platform, protocol, provider, and location. Think of JumpCloud’s IDaaS platform as the reimagination of Active Directory for the cloud and cross-platform environments.

JumpCloud or Jamf—What’s best for your Customers?

Apple management with JumpCloud

For MSPs, the choice of user and system management tools often boils down to customer needs. What systems and devices is the MSP chartered with managing? What IT resources do users need to access and are they in the cloud or on-prem? How does security get embedded into the process of delivering services to clients? Is system security critical? What about network security or identity security?

All of these critical needs are important to understand when (Read more...)

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