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On this episode of Cyber Security Business, we sit down with John Masserini, CISO, Millicom, to discuss identity and access management in the current security environment.


Kevin West: Welcome to Cyber Security Business with Kevin & Kevin. I’m Kevin West, the CEO of K logix and I’m here with Kevin Pouche, our COO. In our podcast, we interview CISOs and other security leaders to hear their advice about the business of information security. This podcast gives our listeners actionable takeaways to help them increase the effectiveness of their security program.
Kevin Pouche: Thanks KW. So the game plan for today will be to discuss identity and access management. We’re joined by John Masserini, the CISO of Millicom. John, welcome to the podcast.
John Masserini: Thank you very much gentlemen.
KW: So John, before we get into the topic of today and we definitely are looking for your advice and your effective leadership specifically in identity and access management, but we want to give our listeners a little bit of context. Can you tell us a little bit about Millicom?
JM: Sure. Millicom is a global telecommunications cell phone provider, primarily in Latin America and Africa. We offer not only a mobile cell phone service, but also cable to the home and a lot of mobile financial payment services as well.
KW: Great, and tell us what your vision for your security program is at Millicom?
JM: So the vision here, quite honestly, it’s a little bit different than historically what I’m accustomed to.
We have 14 operations throughout Latin America and Africa, each with their own local requirements, local business drivers, and local challenges. The program here from a global perspective is very much around providing a guidance and a direction globally for all of the operations while still providing a capability for them to have enough flexibility and freedom to do what they need to for their local businesses, local regulations, and local risk and security challenges.

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