December Newsletter: FDE / RADIUS IP Change / VLAN Attributes

Full Disk Encryption for Mac® and Windows®!


We are excited to announce that JumpCloud will soon be supporting the enablement of Full Disk Encryption for Mac (FileVault 2) and Windows (BitLocker)! Protect your entire fleet of Windows and Mac endpoints from data theft due to lost or stolen systems while getting centralized key escrow and recovery with a just few clicks, all from a single pane of administrative glass. FileVault 2 functionality will be arriving this month, with BitLocker enablement coming soon. You can learn more about full disk encryption and the new Policies on our blog.

Important: RADIUS IP Updates

We have upgraded our RADIUS experience to provide better reliability and availability. As of December 1, 2018 we have deprecated our old RADIUS IPs.

If you haven’t yet re-configured your RADIUS instance to our new IP addresses, please do so now. Changing is simple and only takes a few minutes.

Get step-by-step instructions or please contact support.

Use JumpCloud for Network Authentication and
Authorization with RADIUS Reply Attributes!

Using JumpCloud RADIUS and need to apply custom network policies, like VLAN assignments, to your network users? JumpCloud RADIUS can now return RADIUS reply attributes to your network infrastructure. Use the new RADIUS reply attributes functions within the JumpCloud PowerShell Module to configure and return RADIUS reply attributes, like VLAN assignment, to authenticate and authorize users to your networks.

Improved MFA Workflows

Recently, we improved the security and consistency of the MFA experience on the SSO login page. We have also introduced MFA enrollment periods to allow you more flexibility in how you roll out MFA to your users.

We are continuing to improve the entire experience for users with JumpCloud’s multi-factor authentication features. In the coming months, we will be simplifying how MFA is handled during password resets for MFA-enabled users. In the past, users who were resetting passwords were not required to insert their one-time password token (OTP) when changing their password. Further, they would be required to reset their MFA tokens, adding to the burden of a password reset. After the upcoming (Read more...)

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