Comparing JumpCloud® vs Active Directory® and OneLogin™

Jumpcloud vs Active Directory and OneLogin

Most first generation identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) solutions (also called web application single sign-on or SSO) emerged when Microsoft® Active Directory® (MAD or AD) was a fixture in IT organizations. Now, with a shift to modern cloud-based directory services, IT admins are comparing JumpCloud® vs Active Directory and OneLogin™.

Active Directory and the Need for SSO

Why do you need an SSO solution for Active Directory?

Historically, Active Directory has been the foundation of identity management due to the dominance of on-prem, Windows-based networks. So, with AD cemented in place, it made a great deal of sense to use the identities found within AD and extend them to the new web-based applications that were beginning to infiltrate most IT environments. Many of these web-based applications are solutions we simply cannot work without today like Slack, GitHub™, and Salesforce®. That’s where we get the layered approach that we see with web app single sign-on (SSO) solutions stacked on top of AD.

In short, the layered-on approach made a lot of sense for organizations that heavily leveraged Windows-based systems and applications. Because the on-prem Active Directory implementation wasn’t going anywhere, and the majority of systems were Windows based, IT admins had to engage in some implementation work and troubleshooting on site when issues arose. But, in light of those challenges, for many organizations where Active Directory is a fixture, this layered strategy works

Go All Cloud?

Why move your IT infrastructure to the Cloud

But, for organizations who are shifting to the cloud or aren’t tied to an existing directory service solution, a new generation of cloud identity management may make more sense. For those innovative organizations looking to go all cloud, a cloud-native identity management tool replaces the need for not only Active Directory, but a number of other solutions including web app SSO, identity bridges (for Mac® and Linux® machines), privileged identity management, multi-factor authentication (MFA), event logging, and more. That solution is JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service®. It provides many of the features that an AD plus an SSO solution does, but from the cloud.

JumpCloud vs Active Directory and OneLogin

JumpCloud vs Active Directory and OneLogin

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