A Theoretical Riskicist?s Guide to the Universe

It’s that time of the year. As we wrap up another celestial measurement of time, people begin predicting the future. My crystal ball tells me you will see a slew of predictions of what’s over the horizon in 2019. Contributing to this time-honored tradition, here are my thoughts on what 2019 holds.

Risk Management
I admit I think a lot about the future of risk management. Earlier this year, RSA held the 15th RSA® Archer Summit and just last month the RSA EMEA Summit. These events are highlights for the RSA Archer community – a time to gather and share insights on the future of risk management. This got my wheels turning as I contemplated this thought provoking topic – and the enormity of risk in business today – especially given the massive digital transformations affecting companies across all industries.

Technology moves blindingly fast – we all know this – and the coming years will continue to be mind boggling in the advancements. The way we do business today is not how we will conduct business in the future. Digital Transformation is undeniable with a corresponding Risk Transformation moving at the same pace – perhaps even faster. Risk has so many variables it is really overwhelming to investigate the future and predict how risk management will transform. When I began thinking about the future of risk management, I knew I had to approach risk like something else really, really complex… like the universe.

Then it hit me… if theoretical physicists (Read more...)

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