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7 Security Trends to Watch in the New Year

As we approach a new year, it’s time for security professionals to think critically about the next challenges they will face and how these could impact their organization. Here are the seven things I expect organizations will run up against in 2019 as they try to protect their infrastructure.

  1. Expect to see more sophisticated artificial intelligence features of security tools in 2019.
    Networks continue to be more complex, threats are more subtle, making exploits harder to find and malware persists for weeks or months on corporate networks. Automated patching tools are critical to successful deployment of fixes across the large digital infrastructures running many modern businesses.
  2. Cryptomining will continue to be a threat as long as attackers can make quick cash from the infections. Be on the lookout and deploy endpoint and intrusion prevention tools designed to detect these exploits.
    This past year witnessed the rise of hidden cryptomining malware. While initially motivated by the huge premiums cryptocurrencies traded at, hackers have since found them to be a popular malware method. As evidence of this malware authors got more sophisticated and  found ways to hide their code better. One piece of malware exploited blockchain technologies, while another was disguised as an application update.  Certainly, defenders need to continually improve their detection methods.  
  3. FIDO2 will continue to gain adherents (such as this recent announcement about better browser integration), and the smartphone authenticator apps will improve and integrate better into numerous mobile products.
    This year saw the announcement (Read more...)

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