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Why the Georgia Cyber Center Is Special

As state government technology leaders gathered in San Diego, Calif., last month for the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) Annual Conference, there were many hot issues on the minds of public- and private-sector executives. From the upcoming elections, to federal priorities, to state budgets, to addressing the escalation in cybercrimes, the conference halls were buzzing with important conversations.

But one hot topic dominated conversations, and even stole part of the show, in my view. The compelling story of the new Georgia Cyber Center (GCC) repeatedly surfaced both on the agenda and also in different situations and circumstances.

The NASCIO Annual Conference breakout session on the Georgia Cyber Center was packed with every seat filled and two-deep people lining the walls. After that session, questions kept pouring in. How did Georgia do it? Where did the resources (money and people) come from? Can this approach really help with the global cybertalent shortage? Can other states follow the same path? If not, how can state and local governments partner on cybersecurity? 

Speaking further with Steve Nichols, Georgia’s chief technology officer (CTO), it became clear that their GCC was unlike anything else happening around the country. The new center was formed with a wide mix of public- and private-sector participants, a truly compelling vision and tremendous potential for future opportunities and growth.

I was delighted when Calvin Rhodes, the Georgia state government CIO, agreed to be interviewed “on the record” about more details behind the creation of the Georgia Cyber Center (GCC). That interview on the GCC can be found below.          

Background and Press Coverage on Georgia Cyber Center

But before I get to the interview, here is a brief glimpse at some of the press coverage received on the Georgia Cyber Center, along with links (Read more...)

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