Why Enterprises Should Consider NOC/SOC integration

Enterprises Can Gain Significant Efficiencies and Increased Effectiveness through NOC/SOC Integration

NOC/SOC integration

 NOC SOCSource: Crowley/SANS 2017

Considerations for Creating an Integrated Operations Center

  • Organizational: cross-correlating, pattern identification from shared NOC/SOC monitoring tools, triage and collaboration
  • System: standard operating procedures, process integration and service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Asset: shared use of a common information aggregator that collects all of the pertinent network monitoring data and logs and distributes it through integrated tools and dashboards

Security Orchestration as the Basis for Enterprise IOCs

horace mann
Horace Mann Educators Corporation, an insurance and financial services company, is a Siemplify client. They now have a top-notch IOC, made possible by Siemplify’s security orchestration platform.
Security orchestration workbench integrated operations center 

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