What Are the Benefits of Partnering with PCI Pal?

You receive a phone call from one of your contact centre customers. They’ve just got out of a meeting following a PCI security audit from their external QSA. The auditors have expressed concern at how the contact centre is obtaining, processing and storing credit card data and they have been tasked with looking at alternative ways to do this and they reach out to you for help, but you’re no expert.

This is a situation that organisations who provide services for contact centres are increasingly finding themselves in. Data breaches are on the rise, regulations are becoming tighter and contact centres are looking for solutions to minimise the risk. So, what would you advise in this instance? Wouldn’t it be beneficial to have a partner who offers a suite of solutions for this rather than advise you couldn’t help them? We’ve previously covered how building a channel model is beneficial, but what are the benefits of partnering with PCI Pal? We’ve broken it down into three key areas; expertise, efficiency and ease.



PCI Pal originated from the contact centre space and as such understand how difficult the balancing act between regulation and customer experience and we’ve covered this extensively. On one hand, contact centres must adhere to increasingly tight regulations such as PCI DSS and the GDPR. On the other hand, they need to ensure that the customer journey isn’t impacted negatively. Through choosing to partner with us, you have access to a suite of solutions with the contact centre in mind.


PCI DSS is a complex set of twelve requirements and business now must prove compliance all year round. Through choosing to partner with us and descoping from PCI compliance entirely, the requirements are met by default. Not only this, through using our solution Agent Assist, the agent and customer remain in contact throughout the entire payment process. This is much more efficient than an automated payment line and more secure than compensating controls such as pause and resume.


Data breaches are on the rise and are increasingly becoming more sophisticated. As seen with the Eurostar data breach, it’s clear that the only effective way to stop credit card information being taken is if it’s not there to take in the first place. Through choosing to partner with us and descoping your client’s contact centres the main target for hackers is removed. Not only this, the latest Verizon report found that 76% of data breaches were financially motivated, as a business you have to ask yourself, can you afford not to partner with us?


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