Webinar: The Bots Are Coming! A Blue Teamer Survival Guide on Nov 29 2018

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Peter Schawacker whips SOCs into shape with Security Automation and Orchestration (SOAR), SIEM Analytics, Big Data, Vulnerability Management and a healthy amount of AI for Deloitte customers. He’ll show you the evolution of the SOC and the skills you need to stay relevant during this career saving presentation for Blue Team members in this FREE EH-Net Live! webinar on Thursday November 29, 2018 at 1:00 PM US Eastern. Join us live and you might just get hired by Deloitte!

We’ve all heard the stories of millions of available jobs in InfoSec that go unfilled because of a lack of qualified applicants. Our guest can attest to this not only in his own organization but also those he serves. And even though offensive jobs are sexy and fun, the vast majority of jobs are defensive in focus. Just think of all of the positions on-prem and in the cloud dedicated to infrastructure, endpoint security, log management, MFA, DLP, help desk and the list goes on and on. Now compare that to the number of pen testers out there. Blue team members dwarf red teamers. And, although companies would love to hire humans, doesn’t it make sense for them to at least look at AI as a solution to the skills gap?

In fact, the bots are already here and they’re marching unabated throughout all areas of technology and business. Just a couple weeks ago, Microsoft released, Maximising the AI Opportunity, a research report on how AI is changing the UK. Nearly half of bosses believe their current business model won’t even exist by 2023, 41% believe dramatic change is coming within the next five years, and just 18% of workers say they are actively learning new skills (Read more...)

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