Top 30 Incident Responder Interview Questions and Answers for 2019


As systems move into the cloud and are increasingly exposed to the Internet, incident responders are becoming more necessary in the corporate world. If you are pursuing this line of work, you will need to familiarize yourself with the kinds of questions that you can expect during the course of an interview.

There is no perfect way to prepare for such an interview, as the questions that could potentially be asked are varied and different for each role at different companies. Therefore, the questions that we have put together will touch on some general fields as well as some more technically specific ones.

What follows is a general set of potential questions that you could face if you were to apply for an incident responder role within a company, as well as a basic guide to framing your answers. There are no guarantees that any of these questions will come up, but the more practice you give yourself, the better your chances are of answering correctly and impressing your potential employer.

Questions and answers have been listed from the lowest level of difficulty to the highest. The questions ratchet up in difficulty as we progress, but the general structure and content of each one should be useful to you as part of your preparation for that dream job interview. Use this content as additional practice material before your first job interview in 2019 and give yourself some extra ammunition for your answers. Good luck!

Level 1 — Junior Incident Response Tech

At this level, your employers are looking to see how well you grasp the macro-level concepts of the job role without necessarily bogging you down with too many technical questions. You will be tested on your understanding of the job role, how it fits in with the incident (Read more...)

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