Serverless Cloud Identity and Access Management

Serverless Cloud Identity and Access Management

The IT management space is an a constant state of flux. Tools that used to be delivered as on-prem solutions are now moving to the cloud. A key contributor to this change is the cloudward shift in the overall IT environment.  Because the cloud has proven reliable and efficient, companies see the value of moving resources there; we’ve entered the cloud era. In light of this shift, IT organizations now want to move to a serverless cloud identity and access management (IAM) solution and derive the benefits they’ve experienced with cloud apps, file servers, infrastructure, and more.

Traditional Identity and Access Management

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Most IT admins know that the identity and access management space has not always been serverless. The IAM market has, for the most part, been dominated for the past twenty years by Microsoft® Active Directory®. Of course, Microsoft knew that they had a monopoly with Windows® systems and applications, so they leveraged that knowledge to build critical IT management tools. Consequently, these IT management tools—namely AD and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)—reinforced the need to purchase and use Windows-based solutions. It was a virtuous cycle for Microsoft that resulted in their dominance in servers, endpoints, and the enterprise.

New Additions

But, non-Windows platforms started to make their way into the IT environment, and the dynamic started to change. AD lost some of its effectiveness. AWS®, G Suite™, Mac®, Linux®, and many more solutions all put pressure on the core identity provider, Active Directory. These new additions meant that IT organizations had to jump through some hoops to connect their users to the systems, applications, files, and networks needed. The majority of that difficulty stems from the fact that these new resources weren’t native to the Windows ecosystem, it’s a clear case of vendor lock-in. So, IT admins needed a way to connect to these new resources, and there was no shortage of suitors offering band-aid-like solutions to cater to the new tools in the mix.

A resourceful bunch, IT admins worked with what they had and found ways to (Read more...)

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