Open Source Mac® Management

With macOS® systems infiltrating enterprises en masse, many IT admins are looking for a cost-effective open source Mac® management solution. IT budgets are tight, and a great deal of existing IT management tools are generally designed for Windows-based platforms. So, IT admins find themselves needing a solution that is both cost effective and capable of managing the deluge of Mac systems entering their environments.

Why Open Source Mac Management?

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The challenge that IT admins are faced with is two-pronged: Not only do IT admins need to manage macOS systems, but they also need to manage the users who are operating those endpoints. Traditionally, when it came to system and user management, the legacy, on-prem directory services solution was Microsoft® Active Directory® (MAD or AD). But, because AD was originally designed to manage Windows® users and systems, macOS endpoints and their users are often left unmanaged. Hence the search for an open source Mac management solution.

So with this newfound influx of Macs into IT networks, IT organizations realized their processes and approaches needed to change. Sysadmins realized that the old, Windows-centric model of user and system management simply did not make a lot of sense because Windows endpoints are becoming fewer in IT environments around the world. IT admins needed a solution for their Mac systems; preferably something that could work for all three major operating systems (i.e., Windows, Mac, and Linux) and evolve to include more resources as the times changed.

Options for Mac Management

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When IT admins started to search for more, they found a wide range of Mac system management options with on-prem, enterprise-class solutions, and even some open source solutions. That started to give sysadmins hope that perhaps there was a tool that could help them manage Macs more easily, but on the Mac user management side, they were left disappointed. Then, IT organizations and admins looked at Mac user management, and found that the field narrowed quickly. When the two perspectives of Mac user and system management were combined, there weren’t many options at all either open source (Read more...)

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