Open Source Identity and Access Management

Open Source Identity and Access Management

Looking back on the year as we enter the homestretch of 2018, one thing is apparent. With 2018 on track to be one of the worst years for security breaches ever, strong identity and access management (IAM) needs to be at the top of any IT organization’s checklist. Those that are cost conscious are asking, are there any viable open source identity and access management solutions on the market?

An Uncertain Space

The answer is a bit nebulous, and is one that is ultimately dictated by a company’s needs. The vast majority of open source IAM solutions are dedicated to a specific purpose and exist on-premises, requiring the use of additional IT resources to properly function. In an age where SaaS-based IT management solutions are heading up the marketplace, many IT organizations balk at the idea of on-prem open source identity and access management solutions. Regardless, the question of viable open source IAM solutions is still one to be considered.

Directory Services Options

In order to understand the way that IT organizations are evaluating the open source identity management market, it makes sense to understand the top solutions in the space. Perhaps the most popular open source identity and access management solution is OpenLDAP™. The solution itself requires that the LDAP instance be run via on-prem servers. There are, however, a selection of OpenLDAP off-shoots, including the Directory 389, Apache Directory Services, and more. Other solutions, such as FreeIPA and Samba, are popular open source IAM alternatives.

Why Need an Alternative?

Many of these popular open source IAM solutions were created in response to an era where Microsoft® Active Directory® (AD or MAD) ruled the space. MAD’s supremacy at the time was due to the fact that the IT space was generally dominated by Windows® solutions. Many orgs, however, are not homogeneous, Windows-centric shops. As a result, many, if not virtually all, of these solutions picked up on these niches, and stuck to filling them. OpenLDAP and Free IPA focus on LDAP authentications for Linux®/Unix systems and applications. Samba serves as a file and print server (Read more...)

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