InSecurity Podcast: Filling the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Here are some important numbers to consider when thinking about the personnel and technology required to keep your network and your data safe:

These gaps run the gamut from the heart of the datacenter up to the executive suite, including CISO and CSO positions. How are businesses supposed to prepare for their future if they are not fully staffed and ready to protect their present?

Have you heard some of this before? We hope you enjoyed last week’s tribute to Orson Welles and our CyberWar of the World podcast, now let’s get serious and have an in-depth discussion about the cybersecurity skills gap.

In today’s episode of InSecurity, Matt Stephenson talks with Huntsource co-founders Matt Donato and Jack Hall about the ever-growing cybersecurity skills shortage. In a world where there appears to be a never-ending torrent of malware, ransomware and coordinated attacks, the gap between attackers and defenders is growing seemingly every day.

About Huntsource
Huntsource seeks to arm businesses with the highest quality talent needed to effectively combat the various security risks that threaten them on a daily basis.

They strive to be the preeminent and comprehensive Information and Cyber Security Professional Search and Talent Solutions firm, putting people and customers at the center of everything.

Their focus areas include cyber and information security. Protecting its infrastructure is vital to keeping a company safe.

About Matt Donato
Matt Donato is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Huntsource. He has 12+ years of experience in the staffing, executive search, and talent solutions industry.

He is a seasoned leader and recruiting industry (Read more...)

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