Don’t be a Dumb Pipe! You CAN Analyze Encrypted Video Traffic

If you were to ask consumers in regulated countries what the main driver was for choosing their mobile service provider, chances are they’ll tell you that when it comes to data bundles and price, they’re all similar. So, what is most important to them?


Well here are a few hints.

By 2021, 82% of Internet traffic will be video.

78% of that video traffic is expected to be over mobile networks.

Bottom line… it all comes down to Quality of Experience (QoE). People will choose the service that lets them stream video to their mobile devices while they’re on the go, without interruptions.

For SPs looking to differentiate their service, it is critical to be able to analyze and maintain control over video traffic to ensure that they are maintaining the QoE that their subscribers expect.

Simple to do, right?

Well it is if your video is not encrypted.

But with video playing such a dominant part of data traffic, the major content providers are now encrypting video streams. Whether this is for reasons of security, commercial considerations, or search engine optimization, it doesn’t really matter. The fact is, where streaming video is concerned, service providers are blind to what goes on in their video streams and at risk (Read more...)

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