DirtySecurity Podcast: Meet Israel Perez and Wajih Yassine, the Real CSI Cyber Guys

Picture the scene. It’s a perfect Sunday afternoon in late summer, about three o’clock. You’re in your backyard with a few close friends and family, relaxing in the afternoon sunshine with a cold beverage, reminiscing over old times. Life is good.

Then it happens. You get that call from one of your C-level execs.

“There’s been a breach.”

Those four words are guaranteed to mess up anybody’s afternoon. It’s a heart-stopping feeling to learn that your most sensitive corporate data – company secrets, internal emails and IM messages, employee payroll and tax data – is now in the hands of a total stranger. And then come the questions. What will they do with all that data? Release it on the Internet? Demand money in return for deleting it? Take your money then tell you they were only kidding about deleting it? Send it to the press…. or your competitors?

Your heart races as you try to work out the single most important question: who can I call to help me return my world to normal?

In this week’s episode of DirtySecurity, host Edward Preston talks with the real CSI guys – Cylance Incident Response teammates Israel Perez and Wajih Yassine – about the various stages of a cybersecurity incident and exactly what their team does to help set things right again.

About Israel Perez

Israel is Consulting Director, IR & Forensics at Cylance, specializing in incident response, network intrusions, malware reverse engineering and digital forensics.

Israel’s expertise with digital forensics has taken him from the Orange County District Attorney’s office, through the ranks at Foundstone and McAfee, to Cylance, where he was the very first member of the Incident Response team.

About Wajih Yassine

Wajih began his time at Cylance as an intern and quickly moved up through (Read more...)

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