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SBN Customer Q&A: Managing Linux & FreeNAS File Servers from the Cloud

Customer QA: Managing open source from the cloud (pic of empty chair)

Welcome to another entry in our Q&A series with JumpCloud® customers. Brian Kastor is a network engineer who specializes in Linux® and works for AIS, a systems integrator in Chicago. Brian agreed to sit down with us for an interview and discuss how he’s using Directory-as-a-Service® to manage FreeNAS file server access and Linux systems from the cloud.

If you came here looking for instructional material on configuring FreeNAS to use JumpCloud’s LDAP-as-a-Service, then you can find it on our Knowledge Base.

Q:  Why did you want an alternative to Active Directory® and History of Active DirectoryOpenLDAP™?

A:  I work for a consulting company and we had just purchased these FreeNAS boxes to sync with OneDrive™, so the files would always be available without a VPN. Then we started talking about the challenge of how we were going to serve up the credentials for these file servers.

I am a big believer in open source and my goal was to use a directory service to manage FreeNAS access, without Microsoft®. It’s not because I hate Microsoft. I just don’t understand why someone would pay to run an IAS (Internet Authentication Service) server – especially if they’re not running Exchange. What is it exactly that you’re using Microsoft for? You want to store files and login. Well, there’s better ways to do that.

As far as OpenLDAP goes, like I said I love open source. But LDAP is a beast. I can’t stand the process of standing up an LDAP instance.

Q:  How did you find JumpCloud?

A:  I read every day. I happened to see an ad for JumpCloud LDAP-as-a-Service on my mobile while I was reading. I had just started this FreeNAS project and it hit me, “Could I authenticate users to this without having to set up my own LDAP infrastructure?” So I signed up for a free account to test JumpCloud.

Q:  How has JumpCloud worked for you?JumpCloud

A:  When faced with the file server project, I decided to take one of these FreeNAS boxes, make a JumpCloud account, (Read more...)

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