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Clearswift Wins DLP Award at Computer Security Excellence Awards!

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Computing Security Excellence Awards 2018

The Clearswift team is delighted to announce our 2018 Computer Security Excellence Award Win for Data Loss Prevention (email and web).  The awards dinner was held on November 22nd at the London Marriott Hotel in London with our UK team present to accept the award and celebrate our win!


GDPR has meant that it’s never been more important for a business to ensure its data is protected. Yet, accidental data loss and unwanted data acquisition, largely due to human error, is a growing problem and remains one of the biggest compliance issues faced by organizations.

To mitigate this risk, Clearswift’s Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (A-DLP) has changed the way organizations handle and share sensitive information across digital collaboration channels.

Traditional DLP is often seen as a roadblock for business. In today’s collaborative and connected world, a ‘stop and block’ approach means delayed communication, which costs time and money and can have a significant impact on reputation too.

Rather than ‘stop and block’, Clearswift’s A-DLP technology automatically applies the most optimal security treatment based on content, context and required regulation policy. Including real-time redaction, encryption, blocking or deleting. The solution consistently and automatically creates a safety net for organizations by inspecting the contents of every document and file flowing in and out of an organization.


Clearswift’s Adaptive Redaction (AR) features are built into all core email and web products providing a mechanism whereby the traditional ‘stop and block’ nature of DLP solutions can be overcome with the automatic removal of only the exact content which breaks policy leaving the rest of the communication to continue unhindered. For example, removing customer credit card details from an order sent to a supplier, or removing information hidden in document properties or version data.

Clearswift’s AR solution automatically removes sensitive data and malicious active code cause that as it passes in and out of a company network without the need for human intervention. By only removing the exact content that breaks policy, Clearswift enables the rest of the communication to continue.

Human error is one of the biggest issues faced by businesses when it comes to data loss and unwanted data acquisition. Clearswift’s A-DLP has the ability to assess the sender and receiver information to ensure that no sensitive information is being shared with unauthorized personnel, providing a guarantee to organizations that users are sharing documentation – either inside or outside of the organization – in a way which does not pose a threat.

Additionally, the false positives created by traditional DLP solutions that have historically overwhelmed IT departments are eliminated. Clearswift’s intelligent A-DLP solution works in a much smarter way to ensure that there is no unwanted backup, creating a smooth process which does not affect an organization’s communication flow.

Competitive Differentiation

Clearswift’s A-DLP provides an efficient and cost-effective data loss prevention solution which fully integrates itself into existing systems. Our Adaptive Redaction is unique – no other provider can offer the level of content inspection or redaction on the scale that Clearswift can. The solution is also often two to three times less expensive than the high price tag and extensive service fees associated with traditional DLP. 

Clearswift’s robust deep content inspection is not limited by zip/encryption, file size, analyzing timing delays or multiple embedded document layers, meaning businesses can be assured that A-DLP is consistently working away in the background without disrupting an organization’s day-to-day operations.

Clearswift’s DLP functionality is direction agnostic. For example, if a bank receives credit card details on a non-PCI compliant network segment, inspection policies, and actions can be applied equally well to this incoming traffic, as well as outgoing communications.

Visit our website to learn more about Clearswift’s Adaptive DLP and how it can protect your organization or contact our team for a discussion today!


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