Bringing PCI Compliance solutions to South Africa

In our bid to continue supporting organisations around the globe with their payment security and PCI compliance, we are delighted to have established a presence in South Africa. Signing our first reseller contract with Ninzi-Connect demonstrates our commitment to supporting the country’s enterprise business space with its payment security needs.

The move into South Africa was driven by a number of factors. Firstly, it is clear that there is a keen focus on data and payment security in the region, a focus that will continue to grow as a result of the country’s Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act. POPI – along with the GDPR regulations – legislate a new approach to governing personal data as well as security.  This means businesses are taking a more robust approach to payment card security, to ensure they are fully compliant.

Plus, business process outsourcing is a very well-established and successful service industry in South Africa and with many companies operating large contact centres, we are positioned to support these organisations with their PCI compliance needs.

When asked what added advantage the PCI Pal products have compared to what is already available in the South African market, Ken Ellwood, Business Development Manager at Ninzi-Connect said: “Having compared a number of potential partners, we felt that PCI Pal’s cloud-based and payment-agnostic solution was a superior fit for our needs. The PCI Pal solution is already GDPR and PCI DSS compliant, which aligns with POPI.

“It’s designed for call centres and allows the agent to take secure card payments whilst on the call with the customer.  Not to mention, it enables secure payments to be taken via one platform for voice, SMS and web.”

Ninzi-Connect is a well known, established, brand in the market with a customer base that includes the region’s three largest banks. As a result of the relationship, the team at Ninzi-Connect will offer a PCI Pal suite of contact centre card payment security solutions to customers across the continent, ensuring PCI DSS compliance, reducing the risk of security breaches and ultimately future-proofing their operations in anticipation of future data protection legislation.

We look forward to keeping you posted on our progress in Africa over the coming weeks and months.

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