Best RADIUS-as-a-Service

Best RADIUS-as-a-Service

There’s an interesting movement in the IT management tools space to shift core pieces of infrastructure to the cloud. With regard to applications, the process of shifting to the cloud has been pretty easy. But, it’s much harder with your core infrastructure components. Meraki has been working on this problem in the WiFi space, and one useful complementary component of the network has been to find the best RADIUS-as-a-Service platform to secure WiFi access (and control access to network infrastructure equipment).

The Move to Wireless

In conjunction with IT admins shifting their infrastructure to wireless, providers like Meraki, Aruba, Ruckus, and many more are attacking the WiFi space. With this shift in infrastructure comes the need to secure the byproduct of these new tools—the network. Traditionally, a FreeRADIUS server would be used to consume the RADIUS protocol functionality. With 802.1x in place with most switching equipment, this path was possible, albeit challenging. But, integrating WAPs, routers, switches, the FreeRADIUS server itself, and the directory service together was a difficult mountain to climb. For all the flexibility a FreeRADIUS server provides, this flexibility can present challenges when it comes time to implementation.

Accessing WiFi is Easy, Securing It Should Be Too

SSO Login Screen

When we look at what IT admins want to accomplish now, it doesn’t involve all this challenging work. So, while IT admins are eager to secure their networks, they want to do so with tools that are easy to deploy and use. The good news for IT admins in this frame of mind is that there is a new approach to WiFi security, and it’s called RADIUS-as-a-Service. IT admins simply point their WiFi access points to the cloud RADIUS solution and users login to the network using their own unique set of credentials. The reliance on a a shared SSID and password is now reduced with RADIUS-as-a-Service because each user’s credentials now grant them access to the network, not just a shared SSID/passphrase combination. Plus, IT admins gain the control of being able to determine who is on what network.

Integrations Made Easy

The best RADIUS-as-a-Service solutions integrate with (Read more...)

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