Why use JumpCloud® Over Active Directory®

Why use JumpCloud<sup>®</sup> Over Active Directory<sup>®</sup>After nearly two decades of relative calmness in the directory services realm, we are now seeing some disruption as IT organizations shift towards the cloud. As the winds of change blow and shake loose the hold Microsoft® Active Directory®(AD or MAD)  has on the directory services space, admins are beginning to look for a next generation, cloud-based alternative to the traditional, on-prem directory service. With this cloud focus in mind, IT admins are wondering why they should use JumpCloud® over Active Directory.

The History of Directory Services

Replace Active Directory in the cloudThe history of directory services spans back to the creation of LDAP (the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) in 1993 by our own advisor, Tim Howes, with a few colleagues at the University of Michigan. Its success as a directory service elevated it to become the standard directory protocol for the internet in 1997. This led to the invention of two legacy directory service platforms called OpenLDAP™ in 1998 and Active Directory in 1999.

When it came to choosing a directory service, IT admins were largely restricted to these two options. OpenLDAP was designed primarily for open-source use in the data center, whereas AD really took the lead with how easily it integrated with Windows® machines that dominated the typical office space at the time.

As time went on, the introduction of web applications, like Salesforce®, and a whole slew of non-Windows® resources put a huge strain on the functionality of Active Directory. Patch on fixes like web application single sign-on (SSO) solutions were introduced as a way to connect on-prem identities to the new resources in the nebulous cloud. As more and more of these resources are straying away from an on-prem foundation (and away from Microsoft’s Windows operating system), IT admins are beginning to see the difficulty in leveraging so many add on solutions to fill the gaps in MAD.

New Directory Service Needed

Cloud based directory serviceWhile this patchwork solution is functional, improvements could certainly be made. With change comes great responsibility, and the directory services space is ready for some disruption. Now, when considering (Read more...)

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