TimpDoor Android Malware Silently Infiltrates Networks in Coordinated Attacks

A new attack campaign has been found to carry the newly discovered TimpDoor Android malware. It is distributed using phishing email messages and one of its main goals is to infiltrate the internal networks. Due to the fact that it features non-standard behavior any infections should be removed as soon as possible.

TimpDoor Android Malware Infects Devices in a Large-Scale Attack Campaign

Android devices are facing another major threat as security experts raised alerts of a new malware called TimpDoor. The infections are done by sending out

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The first infections carrying this threat were detected in March, several months later in August another worldwide campaign was detected. According to the reports at least 5,000 devices were affected by it in the United States alone.

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The proxy server instituted by the TimpDoor Android Malware also starts a comprehensive data collection procedure. It will scan the local device for information such as the device’s brand, model, Android version, mobile carrier, connection type and IP address. When the secure connection to the hacker-controlled server is established this collection of data will be reported.

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