The New Alert Logic Partner Connect Program Provides Partners with Security Solutions Opportunity Q&A with Christopher Rajiah

Alert Logic realizes the value and importance of the channel program. Working closely with our partners has helped us to achieve tremendous success and establish a strong and growing customer base around the world.  Alert Logic also recognizes that there is much more we can do to enhance the global partner program and expand our strategic partnership alliances. Chris Rajiah recently joined Alert Logic as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Partnerships & Alliances, and one of his first major achievements is overseeing the launch of the renewed and revitalized Partner Connect Program for Alert Logic.

I had an opportunity to chat with Chris about his vision for Alert Logic and the new Partner Connect program, and what it will mean for partners, customers, and for Alert Logic:



Tony Bradley (TB): Welcome to Alert Logic.  You are new to the Alert Logic Executive Team. What made you want to join the Alert Logic team and work with worldwide alliances and partners?

Christopher Rajiah (CR): I’m definitely excited to be working with Alert Logic.  Historically, Alert Logic has been a partner-led business. Over 50 percent of our 4,000+ customers were introduced to Alert Logic through these relationships. In 2018 this collaboration is also reinforced by Forrester and Gartner’s recognition of Alert Logic as displaying leadership amongst its peers in intrusion and detection prevention solutions.

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Alert Logic is currently at a pivotal moment as we are essentially re-launching the company this quarter, so it is an amazing time to explore new opportunities in partnership with Alert Logic when we are beginning our next round of rapid growth over the next few years. This growth will be driven by the collaboration of Alert Logic and our partner community, with our new partner program rewarding our partners successes.



TB: Tell us more about the new Partner Connect Program.

CR: The explosion of cyber-attacks, continual evolution of emerging threats, and complexity of secure IT transformation programs has driven customers and partners to embrace Alert Logic to reduce the risk, cost and complexity of protecting their business-critical applications and customer data from a security breach.

The new Partner Connect Program enables companies to capitalize on the significant business opportunity to support their customers’ security needs. It will not only reinforce their ‘trusted advisor’ status, but also make it easier for them to extend their services and increase wallet share by offering new services. Our new comprehensive program is designed to effectively secure customers and provide the tools and resources to set our partners apart.


TB: What is new and differentiated about the new Partner Program than the prior program?

CR: We’ve partnered with a diverse array of businesses over the years from managed hosting providers to CSP’s and VAR’s; organizations with varying requirements and expectations of us as a security partner to their business. We’ve done this without a formal program, relying on individual business arrangements and tailored assistance but this has been challenging to scale. Today, we’re utilizing our partners extensive feedback to launch our new program, designed to deliver a unique and comprehensive package of support and benefits to our partners and their customers.


TB: How will this new Partner Program benefit Partners?

CR: There are a variety of specific and valuable benefits partners will realize with the new Partner Connect program:

  • Partnering Made Easy: Our globally dispersed team of sales, marketing and engineering professionals in addition to a robust set of online resources for content, pricing and troubleshooting provides our partners with all they need to succeed. We also have partner dedicated support and end-customer success teams who are committed to driving efficiency throughout the program.
  • Customization for Success: Flexible program tierings with benefits and resources associated to those tierings help our partners deliver what their customers need; customized playbooks, MDF programs and incentives are just a few ways we do so.
  • Low Customer Investment and Profitability: Our managed solution allows our partners’ customers to focus on their business, while we support them to manage their security and compliance operations with a low-investment, quick-to-value delivery model.
  • An Industry-Recognized Solution: Gartner, Forrester Research and 451 Research are among the industry analysts who have praised the unique Alert Logic security offering our partners will be leveraging.
  • Flexible Support Options: Partners can choose whether they or Alert Logic provide first-line support to their customers as they are provisioned onto the service, provide on-going support, incident response and remediation advice.
  • A Market Leading Solution: Partners leverage Alert Logic’s 24x7x365 Security Operations Centre; staffed by GIAC-certified security experts, our SOC extends our partners’ end customers’ internal IT capacity by analyzing and identifying over 80,000 security incidents every month.
  • Investing in Success: Alert Logic has is growing its team to ensure we have the resources dedicated to making partnership a success. With 6 major hires in the last month and 15 more dedicated channel resources slated to set up for 2019, Alert Logic is committed to investing in the talent we need to get the job done right.

TB: How will this new Partner Program benefit Customers?

CR: We benefits customers by providing a comprehensive managed security service including:

  • A unique approach to security by seamlessly connecting market-leading technology and operational service delivery
  • Expert “defenders” monitoring their infrastructure around the clock
  • Real-time threat intelligence to improve security and compliance postures at the lowest TCO
  • Peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are looked after 24×7 so that they can focus on achieving their business goals

Additionally, end customers can leverage existing vendor relationships of vendors that they trust, work with regularly, and support their security needs.  Working with partners also offers end customers a speedy implementation since customers’ partners know their infrastructure and can implement a security solution timely and comprehensively for them.


TB: What should prospective partners do to become a member of the Partner Connect program?

CR: If you are interested in learning more about the program, please register for our upcoming webinar that will provide more information for you. We will be presenting sessions at 9am Central time and 2pm Central time on October 23.

Prospective partners can apply for the Referral or the Reseller programs (or both) by going online:

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