Stellar Wipe Mac Software Review

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NameStellar Wipe Mac
TypeData Wiping Software
DeveloperStellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.
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Stellar Wipe Mac

Operating SystemMacOSLicense Price$39 for the SOHO license, $109 for the Platinum license.User Experience Discuss Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery in Our Forum

Stellar Wipe Mac – Main Features

The Stellar Wipe Mac is a software that is not your average file delete tool for Macs. The program aims to come embedded with multiple different features as well. Below, you will see each of the key features that belong to Stellar Wipe Mac.

Hard Drive Wiping Feature

The main eraser feature that aims to help you wipe you entire hard drive at a click of a button. The software includes powerful wiping algorithms that are designed to erase data stored in the sectors of your hard-drive, making recovery impossible.

File and Folder Wiping Feature

The program can also focus on deleting specific files and folders you do not want to see again on your device. This feature is particularly useful if you do not want to wipe the whole drive because of several sensitive files on your Mac.

Wiping Internet Browsing Data

This interesting wiping information, you can erase any sensitive Internet browsing data that is stored as temporary interned files, cookies, flash information, session data, bookmarks data and other details. It can wipe data not only from Safari, but includes a variety of web browsers and other programs that use embedded browsing as well, like Camino, Omniweb, iCab, navigator and other applications and extensions. This is particuarly useful If you want to erase any browsing history or login details and tracked data as well as details about last visited sites.

Wiping Free Space

The beauty of Stellar Wipe Mac is also that this program (Read more...)

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