Ransomware: Is Cloud Technology the Answer to This Threat?

Contrary to popular belief, ransomware is not a new concept. Its first ever iteration came about back in 1991, a.k.a. almost two decades ago, when the Internet was still in its incipient stage. It was known as PC Cyborg, and it was spread by a biologist who sent other researchers infected floppy disks through surface mail.

Ransomware: Who Does It Target?

While ransomware might have been around for almost 20 years at this point, it was only five years ago that the issue truly blossomed. It all began with CryptoLocker, a classic malware that sealed user files and demanded money for their safe decryption. Over the course of one year, it infected nearly 500,000 machines, a number some would say is rather impressive.

Nevertheless, CryptoLocker was as primitive as malware comes, as it was spread through spam emails. This made it easy for the Operation Tovar white-hat campaign to eradicate it. But while this situation was put to rest, it also created a precedent. The floodgates were now open for other malicious third parties to use

The massive wave of GandCrab ransomware has sprung in series of versions that feature minor improvements. The virus cannot be stoped and it is become more and more widespread. But recent similarities with the versions of the virus raise one…Read more

In the years to come, more and more large-scale attacks followed. Perhaps the first truly famous one was the WannaCry ransomware infection of 2017. Avast’s director of strategy Johnathan Penn declared it the worst in history, as it spread like wildfire over 116 European (Read more...)

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