Privacy: The Killer App

This article starts with a story. It’s a story you may have heard before, but bear with me because I tweaked it a bit. I basically killed off all the characters at the end to make it a surprise. Or maybe I didn’t. The suspense must be killing you.

In my update of The Gift of the Magi (pdf), Della sells her identity so she can freely use social networks and post about what an awesome husband Jim is. Then a lot of people will ‘like’ it and all 1,023 of her closest friends will know she’s in an amazing, stable relationship and not just being instructed by a marriage counselor to show more appreciation to each other.

Meanwhile, Jim spends all his time away as an entrepreneur at a start-up coding the next killer app for privacy to ensure that Della and everyone else is safer online. Identity theft will actually totally screw up your life if it happens to you. That’s not a joke, and Jim knows that. It happened to his uncle and involved smuggling wild mushrooms – not a euphemism. But that’s just back story stuff.

Well, if you know the original story, then you know how it goes. Basically, Jim never sees Della’s post because he avoids social media for privacy reasons. But it doesn’t matter because Della’s identity was already stolen, and the post was actually made by some guy in Oklahoma phishing for access to Jim’s work account to defraud his company.

Kinda like in the original story, but with less trying to impress your husband by cutting your hair to look “wonderfully like a schoolboy.” The story literally says that about looking “wonderfully like a schoolboy.” Apparently that kind of stuff sparked a lot of fan fiction, if you’re (Read more...)

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