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PMP®️ Domain 4: Monitoring and Controlling


Project management connects projects, processes and all associated activities together. There are a variety of activities associated with project management, and they are categorized into five major processes: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling and Closing. We will be discussing the fourth domain, Monitoring and Controlling Process, which covers 25% of the PMP exam.

Monitoring and Controlling

In the life cycle of any project, all events ought to be tightly controlled and validated. The controlling of the events can be performed by observing the preliminary protocols: for example, planning, quality checks and communication. The project manager should utilize specific and significant measurements if certain cases are not enclosed by these protocols, although validation is a subsidiary activity that starts from day one and continues to the end of the project.

Every activity falls under different criteria of validation. Monitoring and control activities generally adjoin with execution activities due to their simultaneous occurrence. Teams who execute the project plan should consistently monitor their progress. The following areas should also be monitored and adjusted on timely basis:

  • Reporting:  A matrix to measure progress and deliver the information
  • Scope: Monitoring scope and controlling changes
  • Quality: Measurement of the quality deliverables, ensuring the target of meeting or improving the quality.
  • Schedule: Keep the track of all delays that may affect the timeline of the project and adjust to stay on track
  • Cost: Expense monitoring and controlling changes in cost
  • Risk: Monitoring risks and mitigating its consequences

The performance reports results that are derived at the execution process are used to discover if any deviation from the actual plan exists. At the controlling stage, the corrective actions are being taken to improve such deviations.


Task Monitoring and Controlling – 25%
1 Measure project performance using appropriate tools and techniques in order to identify (Read more...)

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