Okta® Discount

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After their recent price hike that pushed per user pricing to $22+, many IT admins are looking for an Okta® discount. The response seems more than reasonable. Who doesn’t want to save a little money, especially on products that are used daily? Well, you could try to get one through Okta themselves, but there is another way to save on your identity management costs by examining your org’s IT infrastructure. Let’s dive deeper into what that means.

The Average Identity Management Environment

We’ll start by taking a look at the average identity management environment structure of an organization that leverages Okta. First, Okta is primarily a web application single sign-on (SSO) tool, which can be used to connect user identities to resources available from the web. In order to connect those identities to said web apps, however, Okta first needs a source of truth for each identity. This source of truth most usually comes in the form of Microsoft® Active Directory®.

Its position as identity provider and domain controller makes AD a very valuable resource for identity management and IT in general, so it is important to consider when evaluating costs. Since AD comes standard with Windows Server, there is no cost specifically for AD, but there is a per user cost to Windows Server. Often with AD at the center, IT organizations also need to purchase other solutions including identity bridges, MDM tools, multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions, privileged identity management platforms, governance software, and more, including Okta. With this robust package of AD patches, costs begin to add up.

The Cost of Okta: What is an Okta Discount?

So, how are all of these other identity management solutions and tools relevant to a discussion about an Okta discount? Well, the point is that, generally, web application SSO platforms like Okta add another level of cost to organizations that implement AD. Considering the preexisting cost of Windows Server, as well as all of the additional solutions an AD infrastructure requires to operate in the modern era. So, to tackle the problem at its core, maybe it’s (Read more...)

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