mPulse Timeline – New Impactful Way to Gain Insight From Your mPulse Data

Introducing mPulse Timeline

mPulse Timeline is the new interface of events, milestones & alerts, displayed in a simple & impactful format.  Timeline is the first feature to be released for the new mPulse interface. It is a great way to showcase key insights in a friendly calendar timeline view, making it ideal for stakeholders (from various roles across your organisation) to digest & take action.

mPulse Timeline is a new interesting & user friendly view to see mPulse data.  As per screenshot below, Timeline provides a day to day session chart comparison, enabling the user to see an overview of traffic on the site for each day, as well as see, understand and potentially dive deeper into interesting events & insights.

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Please note that this is the first feature under the new interface.  The rest of the interface will be rolling out next year.

Each day & Timeline is different, on some days there may be no significant insight, whereas on other days there may be a number of annotations, alerts and notable data points as per screenshot below:

The new mPulse interface will also be responsive and work on mobile and tablet devices.

Key Features

Some of the great insights you can obtain easily & clearly through the mPulse Timeline dashboard includes:

  • Infographics include (but aren’t limited to):

    • Weekly summary of performance and trends of improvement or regression over the previous week

    • Notable traffic milestones such as visitors per day/week/month

    • Increase/drop of desktop/mobile users, per day*

  • Ability to do keyword searches across all 13 months of data allowing users to see see patterns or trends or easily find alerts or annotations without hunting in dashboards

  • Immediately pick a day you want to view with the calendar.

  • Data available for the past 13 months

  • Map of geographic locations, showing recent areas of user engagement and popularity*

*expected in January 2019.

mPulse Timeline feature will be automatically available as part of the October 2018 release.  You can find it by clicking a banner that will appear in the mPulse UI directing you to the Timeline. As we continue to develop and rollout elements of the newly designed mPulse user interface they will be integrated to the Timeline experience. Keep checking back for new additions!

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