Manage Mac® OS X®

Manage Mac OS X

One of the most significant challenges for IT organizations has been the management of non-Windows® IT platforms due to the struggle of connecting them to Active Directory® (AD or MAD). Specifically, IT admins over the years have struggled to manage Mac® OS X® systems. During the early 2000s, and for about a decade following, Microsoft was so dominant that it made a great deal of sense that IT management tools were largely focused on Windows and delivered by Microsoft. As a result, AD and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) quickly became the core platforms for IT organizations. But, given the influx of Macs in the enterprise, it may be time to reevaluate that core platform.

Not Designed for Mac OS X

Warning Light -- Influx of Macs in Market/ AD Not Designed For ThemNeither MAD nor SCCM were designed to support Mac OS X.  For that matter, AD and SCCM weren’t designed for non-Windows solutions such as Linux®, G Suite™, AWS®, and really anything that wasn’t Windows based. In fact, it was quite difficult for IT admins to manage access to their non-Windows IT resources requiring identity bridges, web application single sign-on (SSO) solutions, privileged identity management platforms, and more. These solutions, as layers on top of AD, are difficult to integrate and therefore don’t provide as robust a management solution as strictly Windows devices on Windows infrastructure.

Attempts at Wrangling Mac/Windows Systems

Inability for Mac management solutions to wrangle windows endpoints and vice versaSoon, a cadre of on-prem, Apple-focused MDM solutions emerged over the years, but these too lacked the ability to manage user access and now, in a reversal, couldn’t manage Windows solutions. IT admins simply couldn’t win. When they leveraged Windows solutions, their Mac fleet became difficult to manage. When a Mac solution arrived, the Windows machines were difficult to manage. These examples don’t even get into the problem of Linux management with either of these two solutions.

Bye, Bye Support

SSO alternativesSo, IT admins were forced to purchase more and more equipment and software to keep up with their ever evolving fleet of systems. And, even when they did that, the rug would be pulled from them again. Recently, for example, Apple (Read more...)

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