Instagram Users Terrorized by Phishing and Ransomware

How the Instagram Hack Happens?

Researchers at Avast have reported the hackers to target primarily well established Instagram profiles with thousands and even hundreds of thousands followers. The black hats reportadly use a phishing type of scams which are aimed at convince victims that they are about to engage in a business partnership that is very lucrative. The scams ask the victim to click on a URL, which contains a fake Insagram web page that prompts the user to enter his or her password and username. This URL is embedded with tracking technologies, whose primary purpose is to steal these credentials and then the hackers now own it.

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What follows next is that the hackers use the user’s username and password and then simply locks the account by changing these details shortly after which, the hacker contacts the victim via other form, demanding the victim to pay around $100 ransom in order to gain access to his or her account. Most victims pay the ransom, but Avast experts have reported that their accounts were still as locked as they were before that.

These scams have formed an increasing targeting of Instagram users by hacker, especially when it comes to phishing attacks. Another well known “Insta” hack was the one which happened back in August, where Instagram users faced login issues, because of a suspected large-scale attack on their profiles. And Instagram has also shown that it is not as secure as we thought either after a security bug that was exploited by hackers back in 2018 aimed at revealing private data(

How to Protect Yourself from Instagram Attacks

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