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Is there a viable identity provider (IdP) alternative in the IT market? Most IT admins know that the legacy on-prem Microsoft® Active Directory® (MAD or AD) has been the leading identity provider for nearly two decades now. But, with so many IT resources shifting to the cloud – while AD remains on-prem – is there anything comparable to Active Directory but delivered from the cloud?

A Challenge to AD

directory-as-a-service vs JAMF mac managementThe short answer is yes. A next-generation cloud identity management solution has emerged to challenge the concepts pioneered by Active Directory. Called JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service®, this modern identity provider is challenging the core assumptions for a directory service. And no, it isn’t Azure®Active Directory. Azure AD is a source of truth for Azure identities and Office 365 along with web apps. But, Azure AD is not a replacement for traditional Active Directory.

What a Modern Identity Provider Can Do

Learn more about JumpCloudCloud-based directory services like JumpCloud® are unlike on-prem AD in that the hassle of configuration and maintenance is handled by JumpCloud and not an IT admin. And, instead of operating like many Single Sign-On (SSO) providers (which only authenticate and authorize users to web-based apps), JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service® supports virtually all systems, applications, files, and networks regardless of location, provider, protocol, or platform. No add-ons required like SSO solutions, identity bridges, MFA, and more. Further, each resource can be accessed via a single set of credentials. Below, the benefits of this service for users and admins will be outlined.

Cloud IdP for Users

virtual identityFor users, a key component of Directory-as-a-Service, called True Single Sign-On, allows users a simplified authentication and authorization process to the things they use daily. For example, just one set of credentials either extended from AD or provisioned from G Suite or Office 365 allows users to log in to their systems whether they’re Windows®, Mac®, or Linux®. It’s important that this functionality exists, because users self-reported that they’re more productive when they get to choose what technology they use. And, from those (Read more...)

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