How Does Netsparker Licensing Work?

  1. How can I activate my Netsparker installation?
    • You can activate your Netsparker installation using the License Key sent to you when you purchased Netsparker.
  1. How many activations can I have with a single Netsparker License Key?
    • You can have the same number of activations as the seats you have purchased.
  1. I need extra Netsparker license activations. What should I do?
    • Contact your Sales Representative to purchase extra seats to increase your License Key activation limit.
  1. How many websites can I scan with Netsparker Standard?
    • You can scan as many websites as you have purchased.
  1. I need extra websites for my Netsparker Standard license. What should I do?
    • Contact your Sales Representative to purchase extra websites to increase your license website limit.
  1. Where can I see and manage my current licenses in Netsparker Standard?
    • You can view and manage all your licenses in the Subscriptions dialog. From the Help tab, click Subscriptions.
  1. I purchased a Team or Enterprise solution. Can I also use your Netsparker Standard edition?
    • Yes, once you have logged in to your Netsparker Enterprise account, you can download Netsparker Standard, along with a separate key, from the Your Account>License window.
  1. I activated my license on a PC but I no longer have access to that PC (or it is inaccessible). How can I recover my Netsparker Standard license?
    • Contact our support team at [email protected] to request a license deactivation. After our Support team examines your situation, we will deactivate the license on that PC so you can activate it on another one.
  1. I have lost my License Key. What should I do?
  1. I have noticed that my License Key is being used by an unauthorized third party. What should I do?
    • If you are suspicious that someone else is using your License Key, contact our Support team at [email protected] as soon as possible. We can then deactivate and ban unauthorized access to your License Key.
  1. Can I use my Netsparker Standard installation with different users on the same PC?
    • The best way to do this is to purchase a license with multiple user activation support. If you have not already done that, contact your Sales Representative to update your license.
  1. How do I request a Trial License?
    • You can request your trial license by completing our Get Demo form. Once you complete the form, Netsparker Standard will start to download. When the installation is complete, you can simply click Start Trial to begin using your 15-day Trial License.
  1. What websites can I scan using my Trial License?
    • You can only scan our test websites using your Trial License (,

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