Hosted Cloud Directory Services

Hosted Cloud Directory Services

There’s a new generation of identity management platform emerging to help IT organizations manage their disparate resources across the cloud, on-prem, and remote locations. Called hosted cloud directory services, these new solutions are changing the IT game, shifting how and what admins manage in their IT infrastructure. Like all change, however, the journey of the hosted cloud directory service into IT scene prominence has been one of overcoming the status quo.

The Best Tool for the Job

Traditionally, IT admins have been leveraging the legacy, on-prem directory service, namely Microsoft® Active Directory® (AD or MAD). This traditional platform was designed, optimized, and finely tuned for on-prem Windows® environments. This stance, of course, was just a sign of the times at AD’s onset; Windows dominated the OS market handily, and given the local nature of networks, work was almost strictly done within the MAD domain.

Of course, today we know that the IT landscape has changed significantly from the on-prem, Windows-based networks of old. But, while IT networks have changed in the years since AD’s inception, the traditional directory service hasn’t. IT admins have been stuck building on top of their AD instance with a wide range of identity management add-ons. These solutions, such as web application SSO, identity bridges, privileged identity management, MFA, governance solutions, etc., attempt to bridge the gap between AD and the multitude of IT resources sourced in the cloud. Yet, while effective, most of these solutions further reinforce the on-prem posture and environment of IT organizations leveraging AD, rather than shifting them to the cloud like the rest of the industry.

Enter Hosted Cloud Directory Services

The 20+ year arrested development of the directory service created a sense of stagnation in the IT space. Despite the fact that seemingly everything from software to support had made a leap up to the cloud, AD shops remained locked on-prem. Clearly, a next generation solution could provide the innovation the market needed to progress. Enter, the hosted cloud directory service.

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