Happy Ada Lovelace Day from Verodin!

Last October, Verodin celebrated Ada Lovelace Day with this blog. Now it’s a year later, Ada Lovelace Day once again, and wow how we’ve grown! Just how much have we grown? Well, we built a new HQ in Tysons, Virginia. We closed a $21M series B. Our customer base rapidly expanded worldwide across virtually every industry vertical. And we extended our board with industry visionaries while growing our leadership team with proven enterprise security veterans.

But one prominent area of note belongs to the “Women of Verodin.” As pictured above, we continue to increase our ranks with some of the best and brightest in the industry. This year, we decided to spotlight one of our engineers, Ashley Zaya (featured front and center in the photo collage).

Ashley and I sat down for a podcast about what motivated her interest in STEM and information security as well as how she applies her talents as a member of Verodin’s prestigious Behavior Research Team (BRT). You can check out her podcast here.

Finally, as we celebrate Ada Lovelace Day and remember her contributions to computer programming and her work with Charles Babbage on the Analytical Engine, let’s not forget the next generation of women in STEM. Here’s to the ones like Ashley who strive to leave the world a better place than they found it.

DevOps Unbound Podcast

Happy Ada Lovelace Day from all of us at Verodin!

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