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Passing the CCNA exam can be a big challenge for many candidates, as the minimum passing score is 825 out of 1000. That means a passing grade requires 82.5% correct answers. In the CCNA exam, candidates are presented with approximately 60-70 questions to be answered within 90 minutes, and the questions are of following three types:

  • Multiple choice questions (approx. 40-45 questions)
  • Drag-and-drop questions (approx. 5-10 questions)
  • Lab simulations (approx. 5-6 questions)

The above questions do not have equal weight – lab simulations have the highest weight in terms of marks. (Please note that this is empirical observation,per my and other candidates’ exam experience.) However,Cisco never shares the specific worth of individual questions.

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Achieving CCNA certification with the highest possible score is not a big hurdle if you get proper training, practice labs and exams, and — most importantly — the best study resources. In this article, we are going to discuss the best and most useful study books and resources used by millions of network professionals around the world for CCNA exam preparation.

Mentioning hundreds of books and study resources here can lead to confusion about how to best review all core CCNA topics. That’s why we will talk only about the most selective, useful resources. In this way, we hope to minimize the amount of wasted time in preparing for this formative certification exam and give you the most bang for your buck.

What are the Best Online Resources to Help You Prep for the CCNA?

Router Alley provides free study guides and key notes on various networking topics, including CCNA prep, to help candidates become recognized as successful network professionals. Each study note is well-written and designed to explore network concepts, from the rudiments to a large variety of command-based implementations. Visit the links to (Read more...)

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