Broken Monitor: Tales of a Security He-Man

“Tell me about the loneliness of good, He-Man. Is it equal to the loneliness of evil?” ~ Skeletor

Like most kids in the 80s, I grew up watching cartoons. Both after school and Saturdays were sacred to me, and they were my escape from reality. He-Man, my favorite of all the cartoon shows, taught me that change could happen when you know you “have the power,” and I believed, that when I grew up, I would have that power. Not just the power to make decisions, but the power to change the world for the better.

Flash forward through the years to one of my first IT jobs. I sat in a poorly ventilated, windowless, and not adequately cooled server room. The only power I had was the power to monitor the environment and to run to a user when their keyboard stopped working or their computer was acting “funny.” Some hero I was.

I knew I’d hit rock bottom when our CEO asked me to come to fix his computer at his home, as he had to go to an “emergency meeting out of town” and “didn’t have time to go to the office.”

When I got to his house, there wasn’t a problem with his computer, but his wife’s and kid’s computers needed some work. Each one had various issues (nothing that couldn’t be solved if they had just Googled the problem), but I did my job and went back to the office. Because I spent the better part of the day at his house, I had to stay late and finish running the day-to-day maintenance on the servers and was stuck working late.

It was a little after 8pm when I started noticing some weird stuff going on with the servers. Their CPU and (Read more...)

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