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What are the top security concerns facing businesses today and what skills and knowledge does the IT channel need to tackle these?  How do you deliver multi-layered security on a small business budget and continue to build your managed security practice?

We’ll share insight into questions and more when the Avast Business team kicks off its Cybersecurity Essentials Master Course series starting next month. The global event series will provide an interactive platform to discuss today’s most immediate security concerns, emerging threats, and other variables that are challenging both businesses and IT partners. The series will also include a discussion of sales and marketing techniques.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Latest CompTIA IT security trends data
    CompTIA’s Frank Carlucci and Ian Trump will share insights from recently fielded research on IT trends in security.  CompTIA is known for its timely and relevant data on the industry and won’t disappoint as new light is shed on what companies really believe are the key variables that complicate security today (hint: human error in the workplace and lack of investment in security have made big leaps to the top of the list.)

  • Tips to grow your IT business + free up time
    Get the information you need to efficiently grow your business while prioritizing your time. Learn new strategies for building a profitable IT and managed security services business. 

  • Threat assessment overview from Avast Threat Labs 
    Cryptojacking, exploits, supply chain attacks, and employee IoT devices were trending threats earlier this year. Find out about new techniques being used to compromise data, devices, and employees – and your best defense.

  • Avast Business new product features and tools
    Endpoint protection should be top of mind today. We’ll share new features ready for release and more on our roadmap.

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Join us and get tips, gather best practices, and network with colleagues. See you there!

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