A Better OpenLDAP™ Option for MSPs

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The Greeks have a saying that roughly translates to, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” This idiom is particularly pertinent when considering the open-source directory tool, OpenLDAP™. While OpenLDAP is completely free, it comes with its own hidden costs, and no one knows that better than managed service providers (MSPs). Due to the challenges it can bring to an organization, many are wondering if there is a better OpenLDAP option for MSPs out there?

What is the Cost of OpenLDAP™?

OpenLDAPSo what are these hidden costs to OpenLDAP? Well, it would be nice to first understand what OpenLDAP actually is. OpenLDAP is the leading open source directory service. Based on the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), OpenLDAP was created about two decades ago to provide an option for IT admins who didn’t want to pay for Microsoft® Active Directory®. Despite its age, OpenLDAP is still a workhorse in many IT organizations, due to the wide range of IT solutions that still leverage the LDAP protocol for authentication.

The hidden cost of OpenLDAP is that it can be difficult to manage and maintain. Since it is generated as simply source code that needs to be built into the “service”, the challenge of OpenLDAP is installing, configuring, and implementing the code into a working directory service instance. For MSPs, this challenge is multiplied by each additional client in their organization, as each individual customer requires their own OpenLDAP instance. Due to this hurdle, a better OpenLDAP option for MSPs would certainly save them much needed time.

Is There a Better OpenLDAP Option for MSPs?

Since self-managed OpenLDAP isn’t an ideal solution for modern MSPs, is there a better OpenLDAP option for MSPs to leverage? Well, there are a couple of key factors for making such a judgement. First, will the better OpenLDAP solution be able to provide similar functionality to OpenLDAP? It will need to be able to securely manage client access to on-prem applications via LDAP. Second, is it as cost-effective? Very few solutions are “cost-free” like the open source LDAP instance, but if one could (Read more...)

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