5 Endpoint Threats Impacting Security


Endpoint threats pose serious security risks to many organizations. Companies are reporting attacks ranging from ransomware to phishing attacks. These attacks lead to the loss of customer data, resulting in massive damage to the company’s reputation, finances and structure.

In this article we discuss five endpoint threats, how they impact organizations and how IT security departments can deal with them.

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5 Endpoint Threats Impacting Security That Organizations Struggle With

Organizations around the world are trying to keep up to speed with endpoint security developments by ensuring they have the best in terms of infrastructure to handle threats to their data security. We have compiled a summary of the top five threats that your organization might face trying to keep sensitive data out of reach from the bad guys.

1. Phishing Attacks

How Does Phishing Affect Companies?

When phishing attacks succeed, hackers gain access into the company’s network and steal sensitive customer data and information. Think of a hospital environment where hackers have obtained medical records of patients and published them online. This has the unfortunate effect of both damaging the people whose records were stolen and the reputation of the brand on a long-term basis: Customers tend to avoid products or services that seem incapable of handling their sensitive information, especially when it is publicly displayed when it isn’t supposed to. The loss of data and information and public reputation is a risk companies cannot afford to suffer and will seek to detect and mitigate.

How Hard Is It to Detect Phishing Attacks?

Detecting phishing attacks is a matter of the resources at hand. Resources can range from something as simple as conducting security awareness training to endpoint security solutions that employ machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect abnormalities in phishing emails and advanced threats. Improvement in technology (Read more...)

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