What Kind of Cybersecurity Professional Are You?

So, you want a cybersecurity job. But where do you fit in? What role in cybersecurity is right for you? Well, you’re in luck! I’ve got just the way for you to find out.

The word on the street is that there will be millions of unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the near future. Millions. Which, to me, actually seems kind of a low estimate. But I digress.

Cybersecurity is a huge field that encompasses everything from offense to defense and highly technical to highly annoying. But your subconscious knows what kind of cybersecurity professional you really are, so use this simple test to show you:

1. What’s your best quality?

A. My strongly worded policies.
B. My robust yet complicated passwords.
C. My receding attack surface.
D. My advanced, persistent threat analysis.

2. A truck over turns on the highway, and although nobody is injured, hundreds of rare, show-quality raccoons are freed from their cages. What do you do?

A. Start chasing down raccoons and caging them before they can get hurt.
B. Start chasing raccoons off the road and away so nobody else gets hurt.
C. Go on Twitter and blame Russia.
D. Lock the doors and call the police.

3. You’re getting ready to attend a conference. What will you not leave the office without?

A. An extra phone charger.
B. My personal, encrypted USB key with all my “important” stuff.
C. WiFi cracking software.
D. My VPN.

4. If you had no priorities, how often would you patch your systems?

A. As required in the compliance policy.
B. Monthly so I can test each patch as I install it.
C. As soon as the patch is released.
D. Probably never unless there’s some feature or update I want.

5. In a perfect world where there are no (Read more...)

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