Unpollute My Mac Fake Optimizer PUP – How to Remove It

This article has been made in order to help explain what is the Unpollute My Mac PUP and how you can remove it from your Mac effectively.

A new potentially unwanted program, called Unpollute My Mac has been detected by security experts to be a PUA (potentially unwanted application). The program claims that it can rid any unwanted objects and optimize your Mac, but to do this, it wants you to purchase it’s full version and what led experts to believe it is unwanted is that Unpollute My Mac may display detected sites that may not pollute your system at all. This marketing trick is not only disloyal but is also done by many hoax antivirus programs, which are similarly advertised as useful In order to lure you to purchase the full version. If you want to try and remove the Unpollute My Mac software, we recommend that you read this article.

Threat Summary

NameUnpollute My Mac
TypeHoax Optimizer and Antivirus for Mac OS
Short Description May display multiple detections of unwanted objects on your Mac to get you to purchase the full version, but in reality may not fix anything at all.
SymptomsMay run automated scans and automatically start when you boot your Mac. Could be difficult to close.
Distribution MethodVia bundling or via it’s site.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Unpollute My Mac

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Unpollute My Mac PUP – How Did I Get It

The primary method of starting to see pop-ups and other unwanted programs related to Unpollute My Mac could be that you may have been decieved into downloading it as a result of being redirected to the website of the program:

If you do (Read more...)

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